Experience the transformative power of joy, inclusivity, and entertainment with the International Celebrity Cricket League (ICCL). In this exploration, we delve into the heart of ICCL, where Disability Cricket and the HAP Cup Entertainment initiative converge to create a platform that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional sports.

ICCL: Where Abilities Shine:

At the core of ICCL is a commitment to celebrating abilities rather than disabilities. This non-professional cricket league opens its doors to differently-abled professional players, providing them with an unprecedented stage to showcase their talents. The result is a fusion of sports and entertainment that not only entertains but inspires, breaking down societal barriers and redefining perceptions.

Disability Cricket: Empowering Talents:

ICCL's Disability Cricket initiative is a testament to the belief that cricket knows no boundaries. This facet of ICCL focuses on providing opportunities for differently-abled players to thrive in the world of sports. Through specially designed equipment and adapted rules, Disability Cricket becomes a powerful vehicle for empowerment, proving that the joy of the game is truly universal.

HAP Cup Entertainment: A Global Celebration:

Step into the world of HAP Cup Entertainment, where happiness truly belongs to all. Organized every December to coincide with the International Day of People with Disability, the HAP Cup is more than just a cricket tournament. It is a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and the unifying power of sports entertainment on a global scale.

Evolution of the ICCL HAP Cup:

Over the past three years, the ICCL HAP Cup has primarily represented differently-abled professional players in India. In 2023, marking the fourth successive year of the tournament, the aim is to broaden the scope. This year's tournament aims to include not only physically challenged players but also those with invisible disabilities, including women players, fostering a more inclusive and diverse tournament for all.

Three Global Tournaments for Impact:

ICCL's commitment to spreading awareness, empowerment, and acceptance is reflected in its three global tournaments: HAP Cup (Player's focused), INTERNATIONAL HAP CUP (Player's contesting against other countries), and CELEBRITY HAP CUP (Influential former players and celebrities in a hybrid contest match). Each tournament contributes to the larger goal of creating a more inclusive society through the medium of cricketainment.


Unlock the joy of inclusivity, empowerment, and entertainment with ICCL's Disability Cricket and HAP Cup Entertainment. In this unique convergence of sports and celebration, abilities take center stage, proving that cricket has the power to unite and inspire beyond the boundaries of physical challenges. Join ICCL in redefining the narrative, where joy knows no limitations and the spirit of the game transcends all.

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