About Us

What is TuffClassified.com? Tuffclassified is a unique effort in the space of Online Classifieds that drills-down to the ‘locality and neighbourhood’ level – a micro-geographic scale as opposed to the existing city/state-based services. The portal maps listings across localities in a way that makes visual browsing of classifieds a much faster process of zeroing down to what is relevant for every visitor. This facilitates direct interaction between users in close proximity thus giving them much better comfort level.

How is Tuffclassified.com different?

Tuffclassified provides a one-stop shop solution for online classifieds which caters a common person’s day to day needs involving apartment rentals, buying/selling, jobs, services etc or even making new friends locally. And what makes a difference with any other classified site is our comment system, where users or visitors can make a live review of posted ads.

TuffClassifieds – Find Anything For Everything is definitely a perfect place to advertise our services or stuffs due to the fact the simplicity concept which TuffClassifieds adopts.

However, within this simple looking classified site, there are quite a numbers of impressive features that have been integrated which are worth mentioning and being fully utilized by the users of this classifieds site.

Simple Submission System

The process of submitting advertisements has been optimized in ensuring the time taken in publishing those advertisements is minimal. What you need to do in publishing your advertisements is just click on Post an Ad and submit your detail, your ad will be listed instantly . You will be automatically registered by posting your ad and password will be mailed to your Email address.

Classified Editing System

You do not have to worry of thinking about the details of your advertisements that you have wrongly key in. With this system, you can edit your advertisements as long as it is active. Just go to your advertisements panel by clicking the dashboard button which is located at the top right hand side.

It will bring you to your advertisements panel and you can click on the edit button to edit your advertisements. You can also pause your active advertisements from the advertisements panel.

Cost of Submission

The best part of this site is although it is filled with user friendly and impressive functions which can be costly to develop, you can submit your advertisements for free of charge.

Google Map Integration

In order to help you to give maximum impact and optimized your advertisements, your advertisements can be integrated automatically with your location. What you need to do is just to put proper address for the Google Map to detect and trace it.

Ad Visitor Counter

For some of us, knowing the amount of people who views their advertisement can assist them in post-editing process. TuffClassifieds has a function that let you know about how many daily and all-time visitors on each specific classified advertisement which can be handy for you.

Who are the people behind TuffClassified.com?

The team is headed by young entrepreneurs from diverse educational backgrounds including architecture, computer science and business and having prior work experience  to redefine the way we look at the Online Classified Industry in India.

Cities are changing and so are the people’s needs and we hope that Tuffclassified.com, with its unique concept, simple but efficient design and apt management will be able to provide an honest and best platform to its users. So, shout out your needs through Tuffclassified.com! And don’t forget to give us feedback on how you feel about this new venture.


Tuffclassified Team

TuffClassified appreciates you taking the time to look on our site and make it better with suggestions and comments.

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