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Aadi the month of Goddess:

The Tamil month, Aadi (July 17th – August 16th), is famous for the festivals and feasts organized to honor the Mother Goddess. This holy month is capable of bringing special blessings and grace of the Goddess upon her devotees.

Mother is the kindest of all beings; she is ready to do anything for the sake of her children. Goddess worship takes you nearer to divinity. When you approach the highest power as a child, your path to spirituality becomes easy. Worshipping the Goddess during the Aadi month shall help you realize your goals, and her grace will protect you like armor and root out negativity in you.

During the entire month of Aadi, devotees conduct special poojas to satisfy the Goddess. These unique and special Aadi rituals can bring significant changes to their life.

Powerspot Poojas & Donations related to Aadi Month

Pillai Center is organizing many special powerspot poojas and events to bring you the blessings of the Goddess. Below are our Aadi month Pooja packages.

The 4 Aadi Fridays 2021 Package

The Fridays of the Aadi month are very special for the Goddess; praying to her on Aadi Fridays would solve all kinds of life problems.

The 4 Aadi Fridays 2021 Package will consist of the following poojas.

• Archana to Goddess at Powerspots for 4 Fridays (Each Friday One Powerspot)

• Ashtottaram Archana (Pooja By Chanting 108 Names) to Angali at Dr. Pillai Powerspot for 4 Fridays

• A Lemon Mala Offering to Goddess for 4 Aadi Fridays at Powerspot

• 108 Bottles of Rose Water Sponsor to Goddess at Powerspot on Last Aadi Friday

• Porridge Donation to Poor and Needy for 4 Fridays

• Trishati Archana (Pooja By Chanting 300 Names) to Goddess Bhagavati with Red Flowers at Kerala Powerspot for 4 Fridays

• Saparivara Pooja to Nava Durga at Kerala Powerspot for 4 Fridays

• Offering Ghee Payasam as Nivedhyam to Goddess at Kerala Powerspot for 4 Fridays

• 4-Priest Sri Vidya Sahida Sampudikarana Lalita Sahasranamam Homa at AstroVed Remedy Center on First Friday

• 3-Priest Mangalambika Homa at AstroVed Remedy Center on Second Friday

• 3-Priest Ashtabuja Durga Homa at AstroVed Remedy Center on Third Friday

• 3-Priest Angali Homa at AstroVed Remedy Center on Fourth Friday

• 4-Priest Sowbhagya Pratyangira Homa at AstroVed Remedy Center on Last Aadi Friday

• Sri Mooka Pancha Sathi Chanting on Last Aadi Friday

Bhagavati Seva Duo Package

The Bhagavati Seva Duo Package will conduct pooja to Goddess Rajarajeswari according to the Kerala tradition. She is a powerful form of Goddess who can bring significant changes to your life. This duo package consists of the following pooja and rituals.

• Grand Bhagavati Seva Pooja on First and Last Day of Aadi Month

• Durga Suktam Pushpanjali to Bhagavati at Kerala Powerspot on First and Last Day of Aadi Month

• Offering Ghee Payasam to Goddess at Kerala Powerspot on First and Last Day of Aadi Month

The Aadi Perukku Package

Aadi Perukku is a festival of prosperity and fertility. Therefore, it is the right time to pray to Goddess Annapoorneshwari, the Goddess of food, nourishment, and prosperity. Invoking her during Aadi Perukku can remove scarcity of food and grant fertility to life.

• 3-Priest Annapoorneshwari Homa (Scarcity Remover and Prosperity Bestower Fire Lab) at AstroVed Remedy Center

• Archana (Pooja) to Annapoorneshwari at 3 Powerspots on Aadi Perukku Day

• Mahalakshmi Trishati Archana (Pooja Chanting the 300 names of Mahalakshmi) at AstroVed Remedy Center

• Dhana Dhanya Muttarukkal at Kerala Powerspot

• Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Andal at Powerspot

You can opt for the separate packages from above or might choose the All Goddess Power Package 2021. The All Goddess Power Package 2021 includes all the poojas of the 3 Packages.

Would you mind reaching out to us for more details about the Aadi powerspot poojas & donations?

Note: Pillai Center does not charge its members for the temple Poojas included in the packages. However, the package cost includes proxy service delivery/Pooja materials/ facilitation charges.

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