"Having a conversation on menstrual health and menstrual hygiene with your adolescent child can prove to be quite tricky; that said, your daughters must know what is precisely happening in their bodies prior to the menarche or first period. Hence, it is in everyone’s interest for parents and educators to have conversations on menstruation with adolescent girls.
Around 1.8 billion adolescent girls, women, transgender men, as well as non-binary individuals belonging to the reproductive age menstruate throughout the world. Menstruation is a natural biological process of life and a recurring, monthly occurrence; however, basic understanding and awareness of what happens to one’s body is highly limited.
With cultural taboos, gender inequality, lack of basic hygiene facilities, and poverty, most of the needs of young adolescent girls are often not met.
Transgender men, as well as non-binary persons (who menstruate), frequently face discrimination because of their gender identity, which eventually prevents them from gaining access to menstrual materials and facilities that are needed.
Ujaas, a menstrual health and menstrual hygiene initiative of Aditya Birla Education Trust (ABET), was founded with a mission to eradicate period shame by spreading awareness of periods among adolescent girls in rural India."


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