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For small businesses, having inadequate inventory planning can mean holding excess stock or even running out of stock altogether. Either way, it's not good for your cash flow.

Running a small business without the right inventory control software is very much like trying to drive in the fog—you're just winging it. You can hope that when you get to your destination you'll have the gas in the tank needed to finish the trip, but even then, you can never be certain.

Inventory software can help you successfully track goods and inventory across the entire business process. Some of the most useful features include barcoding, real-time updates to both track shipments and flows, exception alerts that let you know exactly when things are out of place, access to up-to-date trends and forecasts for your items, and customized reporting that helps you identify trends in demand.

No one wants their business to be lacking in any one area. Being unprepared prevents you from completing your work on time, causing you to fall behind on customers' orders.

Imagine a world where you don't have to worry about bringing in the shipment. The inventory visibility software does this for you in real-time.

TYASuite plug-and-play Inventory software for small businesses is the way forward so that you know where all your products are, what their level of activity is, which ones are coming up for expiration, and other useful information.

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