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Since many kinds of medicines are extremely sensitive to temperature, many medicines require cold chain management during storage or transportation, and professional temperature monitoring equipment is required for temperature monitoring, so as to ensure the quality and activity stability of medicines. Medical Disposable Temperature Indicators are highly accurate temperature recorders that can accurately monitor and record temperature data.

The temperature monitoring system can monitor and record the temperature of the pharmaceutical storage or transportation environment in real-time. If temperature abnormalities occur, adjustments can be made in time to ensure the quality and safety of medicines. The AlertTag T10 LCD Disposable Temperature Indicators launched by Freshliance have a user-friendly and intuitive display screen that can clearly display the real-time temperature, minimum and maximum temperatures, and alarm status of the pharmaceutical environment. This product adopts advanced sensor technology, so it is very accurate. The full range (-30°C to +70°C) measurement accuracy is ±0.5°C. It is very suitable for temperature monitoring of sensitive items such as medicines, vaccines, and biological reagents.

As the Disposable Temperature Indicators technology launched by Freshliance continues to develop, its accuracy and sensitivity are getting higher and higher. Our products are cost-effective and easy to operate and have become a popular choice in the fields of medicine, vaccines, biological reagents, life sciences, biological samples, blood, and other fields. Ideal equipment for temperature monitoring in cold chain transportation.


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