Common Issues with Knee Implants and Their Symptoms

21/05/2024 Alternative Treatments

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Knee replacement surgery is generally successful, but like any surgical procedure, it can come with complications. Understanding these issues and their symptoms can help in seeking timely medical advice and intervention.
1. Instability or Looseness of the Implant
Instability or looseness of the knee implant can occur when the prosthetic components do not remain securely attached to the bone. This can cause the knee to feel unstable or wobbly.
• Feeling of the knee giving way or buckling
• Difficulty standing or bearing weight on the knee
• Sensation of shifting within the joint
2. Knee Pain Due to Improper Alignment of the Components
Improper alignment of the knee replacement components can lead to abnormal stress on the knee joint and surrounding tissues, resulting in pain and discomfort.
• Persistent pain around the knee
• Uneven wear of the prosthetic components
• Difficulty in performing routine activities
3. Ongoing Stiffness
Stiffness in the knee after replacement surgery can hinder the joint's range of motion and flexibility. This can be due to scar tissue formation or improper rehabilitation.
• Limited ability to bend or straighten the knee
• Feeling of tightness around the knee joint
• Difficulty performing activities that require knee flexion
4. Difficulty Bending the Knee
Difficulty bending the knee can occur if the joint does not heal properly or if there is an issue with the implant itself. This can affect daily activities and overall mobility.
• Reduced range of motion
• Pain when attempting to bend the knee
• Inability to fully flex the knee
5. Difficulty Walking
Difficulty walking is a common symptom that can result from various issues with the knee implant, including pain, instability, or stiffness.
• Limping or altered gait
• Pain while walking or bearing weight
• Need for assistive devices like a cane or walker
If you experience any of these symptoms following a knee replacement surgery, it is crucial to consult your orthopedic surgeon promptly. Addressing these issues early can help in managing the symptoms effectively and improving the overall outcome of the knee replacement procedure. Dr. Anoop Jhurani, a renowned knee replacement specialist, provides comprehensive care and advanced solutions to ensure the best possible results for his patients.

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