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Teluguswag is a media and entertainment website that brings Telugu Cinema content and its stories to a new generation of content consumers with a multimedia effort.
We have different sections on our website which deliver high-quality content to our audience and we promise the most enjoyable experience to our readers, Telugu Movie Mistakes is a section where viewers are dedicated to the recording of mistakes found in movies.
At Teluguswag, our editors have categorized Movie Mistakes into different categories, all the mistakes that we have found from different Tollywood Movies have been categorized as below.
Continuity - a mistake that continues between two or more shots, such as objects moving about without being touched or characters' postures changing too drastically in a too short period of time.
Factual Error - a mistake that clashes with the real world by being historically, geographically, or physically incorrect, including false statements by supposed experts or spelling/grammatical errors. Related to Plot Holes.
Revealing - a mistake exposing the film-making process, such as poor visual effects or an obvious stunt performer. Related to Visible Crew/Equipment.
Visible Crew/Equipment - camera crew, equipment, and objects used for filming becoming visible on-screen. Related to Revealing.
Plot Holes - a conflict in the internal logic of a film, such as a character doing something illogical and out of character simply to move the plot along. Related to Factual Error.
Audio Problem - a mistake related to the film's audio component, speech, sound effects and so forth.
Deliberate "Mistakes" - a mistake that is done on purpose by the film's creators for any one of a number of possible reasons.
Character Mistake - a significant error in dialogue or written words.
Other - mistakes that don't fit into any of the other categories.
Here is how teluguswag is presenting Telugu Movie Mistakes
Bahubali is one of the biggest and block boosters hit movie which came across Telugu movie mistakes
Mistake-1: If you notice in the entry scene of Prabhas, He enters by breaking the wooden doors with the help of a chariot but once a prabhas arrives the broken pieces of such a huge door will be missing in the very next second. Just think and do you know how such doors went missing. This mistake falls under Continuity, Factual Error and Plot Holes.
Mistake-2: The very next scene after Anushka entry in the paddy fields, the cows which are running in the fields, at first scene the first cows will be white colour but the next scene the same cow turns into black. This mistake would fall under Continuity and Revealing.
Mistake-3: If you notice in the Kuntala Rajyam war scene before Bahubali hitting the men, few men standing behind fall down before Bahubali hits them. This mistake is under Plot Holes.
Mistake-4: During Bhallaladeva sovereignty (rajyadhikaram) scene the walkway between the soldiers will change from scene one to scene two, so that Bahubali and Bhallaladeva could walk. This mistake is Plot Holes and Factual Error.
Mistake-5: Bahubali death scene, after kattappa killed Bahubali, around Bahubali there are huge bushes of fire, but here after Bahubali death how could Bhalladeva come so easily. This mistake falls under Continuity, and Factual Error.
Here are the Immense Telugu Movie Mistakes that nobody has noticed from Tollywood Big Screen and Small screen movies, check out how teluguswag has categorized movie mistakes from each movie below.

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