X360KEY最新ファームウェア「XK3Y Firmware v2.01-1」ダウンロード

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XBOX360専用改造ツール「X360KEY」は最新ファーム「XK3Y Firmware v2.01-1」をリリースされた更新内容●XK2対応追加●USB DVD drives & burned/pressed ゲーム対応追加●RT...

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  • Published: 12/08/2014
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    XBOX360専用改造ツール「X360KEY」は最新ファーム「XK3Y Firmware v2.01-1」をリリースされた

    更新内容●XK2対応追加●USB DVD drives & burned/pressed ゲーム対応追加●RTL8150 driver追加●Mr Waffles Code修復CODE:v1.00 [internal] Initial Releasev1.01 [internal] Initial XGD3 supportv1.02 [16/9/11] Patch free AP25 supportImproved updater (NTFS)Improved udev handling at bootv1.03 [03/10/11] Fixed "updating when USB device is removed"Added 0800 Rip support01.04 [14/10/11]Fixed Hitachi 78/79 & XGD3Fixed Samsung & XGD3Increased AP25 failure grace periodImplemented MenuIso menu systemChanged behavior when an ISO is selected and tray is closed. ISO is now queued until tray opensAdded Mount point count to main menuAdded xkey.cfg file01.05 [17/10/11]Added thumbnails to IsoMenu.Removed msu.txt, added alternate Slim FW handling.Lizard 0225u dumps, do nothing, XK will now detect 0225u automagicallyJF 0225u dumps, add the following to xkey.cfgALTSLIMFW=70225d dumps (0401 label, 0225 firmware), add the following to xkey.cfgALTSLIMFW=8NOTE: For some 0225/0401/1071 it may be necessary to use this param if you are seeing "play DVD". Valid values are 0-6Changed partition naming, now shows "Volume Label"Improved HDD detection at boot timeAdded support for MAC & EFI partitions01.06 [26/10/11]Fixed SD driver bugAdded Ext3FS support for new SD imagesFixed IsoMenu & JPGs with large EXIF dataLimited JPGs in ISO Menu to 200KBAdded support for user generated Web contentIntegrated Mr_Waffles "Dark Theme" web content as the default. Thanks Mr Waffles!Enabled multilanguage support, to use add the following to xkey.cfgLANGUAGE=XXXWhere XXX is one of the following:TCN Traditional ChineseDEU GermanDEN DanishENG EnglishESP SpanishFRA FrenchITA ItalianNED DutchNOR NorwegianPOR PortugeseSWE SwedishFixed &,<,> in directory names01.07 [??????]Integrated Mr Waffles latest codeAdded French, Norwegian languages01.10Beta2 [19/11/11]Added support for disk profiling. In this buildXGD3 games - Disk Profile ID 0c3df524599094e6cb87ecc8-f87a804eCOD:MW2 & COD:BO - Title IDs 41560817 / 4156085501.10Beta3 [19/11/11]More Mr Waffles latest code01.11Beta1 [21/11/11]Improved disk profiling codeAdded "No Profile Data" messageAdded more game profiles01.11Final [9/12/11]Added more stringsIND IndonesianPOL PolishROM RomanianAdded support for static IPsAdded support for Unecrypted & WEP WLANs01.12 [25/12/11]Fixed "Network Fail" MesageLatest Mr_Waffles Web appImproved French stringsAdded more stringsTUR TurkishRemoved Asian Language lock01.20Beta1 [04/01/12]Added support for all XGD2 gamesAdded Ext4 supportAdded support for XK3Y Gecko dummy files01.20Beta2 [06/01/12]Latest Mr Waffles code01.20Beta3 [07/01/12]Added automatic reload of the last played game.RESUMELAST=Y/NSecond type of 0225d dumps (0401 label, 0225 firmware), add the following to xkey.cfgALTSLIMFW=901.20Beta7 [04/02/12]Fix for Ext3FS & www directoryUpdated default game.xmlSupport for DVD MENU01.20Beta9 [05/02/12]Fix for Darkness201.20Beta10 [06/02/12]Revert Benq change01.20Final [20/02/12]Server Side Storage for Web interface01.21 [29/03/12]Fix for Kinect Rush Disk 2 (and future XGD2 waves)01.22 [01/04/12]Added Active tag to xml01.23Beta1 [09/07/12]Added support for Hitachi DLN10N 0500 & 0502 (RGH)01.23Beta2 [10/07/12]Added support for MP3 menu01.23Beta3 [11/07/12]Improved support for Hitachi DLN10N 0500 & 0502 (RGH)01.23 [12/07/12]New MrWaffles code01.24Beta1 [24/07/12]Added AoE support01.25Beta1 [20/08/12]Added support for 16d5s (RGH)01.26 [30/08/12]Fix for 01.2501.27 [2/12/12]Added support for 16d5s 1532 (RGH)Improved USB performanceEnabled LBDAF (2TB+ HDD support)01.28 [13/12/12]Remove 2TB limit for NTFS partitions01.29 [24/12/12]Added HDKEEPALIVE to cfg, kicks your HDD every X seconds01.30 [28/12/12]Added config info to ISO Menu02.00 [3/5/13]Added support for XK2Added support for USB DVD drives & burned/pressed games02.01 [10/7/13]Added RTL8150 driverNew Mr Waffles Code02.01-1 [15/7/13]Fix for Mr Waffles codeダウンロードXK3Y Firmware v2.01-1

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