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We are pleased to inform you that Trimech India is setting new standard in their services across the world.
Trimech was established in the year of 2008. We are standing in this tough competitive market. We are best Air Dryer Manufacturer in india. We manufacture the air dryer system and as well as customize it, we provide a wide range of Air Dryers for Different Application. As per your Requirement and your Source of Air our expertise will recommended the type of Air Dryer.

We have seven more categories in air dryer:-

- Refrigerator Dryer
- Heat of compress dryer
- Heatless type of dryers
- Internal heater dryer
- Split flow type dryer
- Blower reactive type
- Biogas dryer

In our following above mentioned services we assured you the no compromise quality of our services.

Refrigerator Dryer
In this TRIMECH dryer compressed air is passed through a heat interchanger where cold refrigerant at around 3 Deg C is passed through the other side of the heat interchanger.

Heat of compress dryer
In HOC type dryer, hot air at 140 degree Celsius to 160 degree Celsius from Compressor discharge is directly used for the desiccant regeneration.

Heatless type of dryers
A Heatless Air Dryer is the simplest form of desiccant type gas or air dryer for achieving a dew point of -40 deg Celsius or better for compressed air systems and other gas and air dryer application.

Internal heater dryer
In this Dryer the inlet air Temp is 40 to 45 Deg C. and this air we will goes up to 180 Deg C. with the help of external Heater.

Split flow type dryer
To save on purge loss & Getting a Batter Dew Point Up to Minus 60 to 65 Deg C, here part of wet air is circulated through a heater thereby increasing its moisture carrying capacity, which is used for regeneration.

Blower reactive type
In this Particular dryer, the regeneration air is supplied from a blower which is heated in a heating chamber and thus increasing its moisture carrying capacity. This hot air is passed through the desiccant bed for regeneration, and getting the batter and required Dew point.

Biogas dryer
TRIMECH ENGINEERS PVT.LTD has designed systems to condition methane generated through anaerobic digestion for optimal use in micro turbines or combustion engines, and water vapor to protect gas compressors and to remove water vapor from low-Biogas to meet contract specifications.

We are the Air Dryer Manufacturer and our product contain specification like The presence of oil, wet (Moisture) and dust particles in compressed air is a well known fact for industrial applications. As the technology advanced with indication of sophisticated modern machineries working on compressed air, the usage of recommended quality class of air as per machines manufacturer has become necessary. The usage of filtered, dry air as per above recommendations results in reduced wear and tear, increased machine cycle time, lower rejections, better product quality and above all considerable saving in energy.

Package consisting of common skid with provision for bare compressors mounting, Inlet/outlet Air Receivers with Dryer having fine filter combination & by-pass arrangement to deliver consistent quality air & Pressure at outlet.

We serve you the best on time whether it’s about selling our product or else service, we will be with you anytime anywhere you want. We don’t believe in policies which just sell. We believe in before sell and after sell too.

For more inquiry regarding our products visit us at or Contact us today. Feel free to ask your query…

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