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LED Lights do not contain a gas or a filament of any kind. Instead, the entire LED is made up of a materialcalled a semiconductor. This material is solid in nature, which makes LEDs a little more durable. When electricityis passed through the semiconductor material, the electrons inside begin whizzing about which releases energy in theform of visible light.Long Term Cost: LEDs are more expensive initially than fluorescent and compact fluorescent lights, but they canprovide huge potential savings over the long term. LEDs can last up to a staggering 50,000 hours. This can providesubstantial savings as a result of fewer replacements needing to be bought.Maintenance: The amount of time spent replacing bulb, especially in larger buildings, can be counterproductive.Due to the longer lifespan of an LED bulb over a fluorescent tube, maintenance and replacement times can be reduced significantly if LEDs are used.Noise: LEDs do not have the noise problem and operate silently with no annoying quirks or noises.Colour: LEDs are easily available in different colours for any purpose. This is what makes LEDs so adaptable.They can be used in almost any environment or lighting situation.Environmental Impact: LEDs are completely safe and do not contain any poisonous materials.Instant On: LEDs light up as soon as an electrical current is passed through them. They also provide instant lightand instant full illumination.Energy Consumption: LEDs consume far less power than fluorescent tubes. LEDs use less electricity which is betterfor the environment and are economical.Ask For Price Visit - www lumenpulselighting com/

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