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  • Published: 24/02/2015
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    QLIKVIEW  Online  Training from  India

    Course Content:

    QlikView Basics

    Making Queries in QlikView

    Opening the document

    Basic QlikView terminology


    Stepping back or forward in the list of selections

    Locking and unlocking selections

    Searching values

    Selection bookmarks

    Saving your work

    Checking your work

    Handling Sheets & Sheet Objects

    Opening the document


    Logical connections between sheets

    Adding a sheet

    Moving a sheet

    Adding new sheet objects

    Saving, closing and exiting

    List Boxes & Statistics Boxes

    Opening the document

    The list box

    The statistics box

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Bar Charts & Pie Charts


    Opening the document

    Making selections in a chart

    Changing chart types using a fast type change icon

    Creating a bar chart using the Quick Chart Wizard

    Creating a bar chart using the full chart wizard

    Removing a chart

    Changing a few properties

    Cloning and detaching your chart

    Turning the bar chart into a pie chart

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Pivot Tables & Straight Tables

    Opening the document

    Adding a dimension to a bar chart

    Turning a bar chart into a multidimensional pivot table

    Creating a straight table

    Saving, closing and exiting

    More Chart Types

    Opening the document

    Creating a line chart

    Adding an expression to a bar chart

    Turning the bar chart into a combo chart

    Turning the combo chart into a scatter chart

    Creating a scatter chart from scratch

    Creating a gauge chart

    Working with drill-down functionality

    Copying to Clipboard and printing

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Multi Boxes, Table Boxes and Input Boxes

    Opening the document

    The multi box

    The table box

    Using an input box

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Buttons, Text Objects And Line/Arrow Objects

    Opening the document

    The text object

    The line/arrow object

    The button

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Sliders, Current Selection Objects and Bookmark Objects

    Opening the document

    The slider/calendar object (in slider mode)

    Creating a Current Selections box

    Creating a bookmark object

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Document Properties, User Preferences & Reload

    Opening the document

    Setting Document Properties

    User Preferences

    Reloading data

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Checking your work

    What's next?



    Loading Data into QlikView

    Looking at a delimited text file

    Creating a new QlikView document

    Loading a text file into QlikView

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Associating Data from Many Tables


    Opening the document

    Loading and associating a second table

    Renaming fields

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Concatenating Tables

    Opening the document

    Automatic concatenation

    Forced concatenation

    Saving, closing and exiting

    The Table Structure

    Using the Table Viewer

    Labeling tables in the script

    Improving the layout

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Layout Themes

    Creating a theme

    Applying a theme

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Loading Additional Files

    Opening the document

    Loading a tab separated file without labels

    Loading a file via OLE DB

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Linking External Information to a Document

    Opening the document

    Looking at an info table

    Loading the info table

    Viewing the linked information

    Embedding external info

    Displaying info in a text object

    Saving, closing and exiting

    Advanced Features


    More about Associations

    Creating a system sheet

    Using the system sheet

    Creating a system table

    Showing frequency in key fields

    Load Inline

    Adding a record with load inline

    Adding a table with load inline

    Field Groups & Cyclic Display

    Field groups

    Cyclic display of expressions

    Loading Cross Tables

    Loading a cross table

    Loading a cross table with more than one regular column

    And-Mode in List Box

    Making an and-selection

    Making a not selection

    Characteristics of the and table

    Number Formats

    Handling of numeric data

    Interpretation of numeric data

    Formatting of data


    Sections in the Script

    Access levels

    Security fields

    Loading security tables

    Using the Security pages

    Opening a document with access restriction

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