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Titan Biotech

Description: Titan Biotech is one of the best leading company of Beef Extract Powder in India. This company an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company and engaged in Manufacturing Beef Extract Powder of best quality. Titan Bio tech Limited has been established to aim a goal of serving Scientific Community by way of providing good quality of Biological Products such as Protein hydrolysates, Peptones and their derivatives, Extracts, Dehydrated Microbiological Culture Media, Plant Tissue Culture Media and Laboratory Chemicals.

Titan Bio Tech is pioneer in Manufacturing Beef extract Powder in New Delhi and achieve a good position in producing Biological Products in India. Beef Extract Powder is an extract of bovine tissue which is used for preparing a good Culture media . It is derived from fresh beef of healthy four footed animals. We Export this Beef Extract in India and abroad on a large scale. Our Beef Extract Powder is a quality product containing all biochemical properties. We supply Beef Extract Powder in good cost in all over India through our dealers or direct from our company.

Beef Extract Powder and Beef Extract Pastes is used on a large scale to prepare biological cultural media The function of these beef extract products can be used as a compliment of nutritional products Peptone. Beef Extract Powder provides nitrogen, amino acids, vitamins and carbon in our body. We are a best exporter, manufacturer, supplier of Beef Extract Powder in India and Delhi also. Our best Beef Extract Powder product has following food grade properties.

  1. Appearance - Dark yellow, free flowing powder

  2. Solubility - Completely soluble in water

  3. Clarity - Clear solution

  4. pH - 5.0-7.0


For more query please visit our website: http://www.titanbiotechltd.com/beef-extract.asp or contact us at our national telephone line:+91-11-27677960 or fax no:+91-11-27677960 or mail us:marketing@titanbiotechltd.com


Titan Bio Tech Ltd

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