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Description: Devops what is dev ops? It is a release management solution in bringing sysadmins and developers together to make software deployment at ease. Devops tutorial training at kernel has aspiring trainers who are available 24/7 to help with online and offline tutors to become a DevOps Engineer/Admin. Most of the companies have migrated to latest technologies such as could compute and virtual servers, which have given opportunity for admins to automate and streamline operations and development. DevOps engineer Job duties would be in building AWS service, connecting ELB’s to databases, learning Puppet, Devops Chefs, Nagios, devops architect and Jenkins to automate the software development life cycle. It is a application release automation solution where operations and development staff communicate and collaborate with each other through all stages of SDLC. Learn chef devops by real time expert. Being a DevOps admin you are going to learn how to use the pre automated applications that are cloud based (Google Cloud, AWS, Rackspace, Azure and Open stack). You can check devops engineer salary. Basically you are a multidisciplinary admin who is knowledgeable with infrastructure, development and configurations. You can access devops interview questions and answers. You will handle development environments, configuring IIS, scripting, PowerShell, distributed computing environments, DNS, TCP/IP, Routing protocols, VPN etc… At the end you will get clear picture of what is DevOps? DevOps Prerequisites: • It is recommended you know basics of Linux. • Basic understanding of Networking to learn devops online course. DevOps Online Course Target: • In this DevOps training online you will learn about various fundamentals. • Learn Installation of DNS. • Understand automated installations and deployments. • Implement tuning concepts. • Understand comparison between bash scripting and Python. • Obtain clear idea of virtualization basics. • Understand about Monitoring and Logging • In-depth understanding of Devops practices.

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