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2015-08-13 10:26:46

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LED (light emitting diode) also known as SSL (solid state lighting) technology has seen much better performance and has become most reliable in recent years. There are many good types of lighting products available in the market for outdoor lighting. LED flood lights have emerged as a perfect solution, offering a fairly good amount of list of benefits and advantages over other types of lighting sources.Lumenpulse Technologies is specialized in development and manufacture of high intensity LED lighting products. Utilizing the LED features like Efficient, Energy Saving, Enduring and environmentally friendly.Lumenpulse develops various LED lighting product for commercial, architectural, industrial and domestic segment. We aim to combine technology and art perfectly together to not only improve the product quality but stick to high standard of manufacturing.LED Flood Lights are far more energy efficient than other light emitting products and that includes fluorescent lighting also. In comparison to an equivalent halogen lamp, the reduction in the energy consumption is staggering. Whether you need to light up an outdoor area for commercial or business purposes, sports, recreation, public amenity, private garden or home living space – a substantial reduction in the electricity bill is obtainable through selecting suitable LED flood lights.LED flood lights are environmentally friendly in a number of ways. As already pointed out, they consume very less energy, therefore the amount of fossil fuels burned is substantially reduced – leading to lower carbon footprint. LED flood lights do not get hot and generate heat as in the case of other light sources. In addition, LEDs do not produce UV (ultra violet) or IR (infra red) radiation. Mercury, a dangerous neuro-toxin is present in fluorescent and CFL lighting systems but is completely abscent in LED lights.LED flood lights are generally designed to have a specified beam angle to direct the light to where it is needed, eliminating or minimising light pollution, an important environmental and ecological concern being brought to attention by many organisations. Ask For Price Visit - www lumenpulselighting com/

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