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Gomed Benefits Price Baroda Gandhinagar Rajkot Anand HESSONITE GEMSTONES DEALER BIRTHSTONE

Baroda Gandhinagar Rajkot Anand , Baroda Gandhinagar Rajkot Anand - India

2017-11-02 20:17:13

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Gomed Benefits  Price Baroda Gandhinagar Rajkot Anand  HESSONITE GEMSTONES DEALER BIRTHSTONE

Gomed Benefits - Gomed Enhances the Positive  Effect of Planet “ RAHU” The powerful presence of “RAHU” in the horoscope blesses the native with a gain and fame in the business of Iron ore, Chemical  products, leather, oils ,  commission agents, lottery , wine Etc.

Wearing a GOMED at the time of Mahadasha or Antardasha of “RAHU” helps in a native to get rid of the tribulations caused by the malefic “RAHU”.

Price of GOMED  Starts from 150  per Carat Unto 1000  per Carat .

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