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Biodegradable Food Containers for Takeaway Soup

London, London - United Kingdom

2015-04-02 15:42:59

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Packaging Environmental

Phone Number: +44 (0)20 3006 2432

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Getting the right packaging material for your eatables is the most important thing for you to do considering your health. Packaging Environmental is a group of people who have crafted and created the best soup containers, keeping in mind the quality and the hygiene of the soup.

About Packaging Environmental’s Soup Containers:

Packaging Environmental’s soup containers are made from heavy duty sustainable paper board and are good for takeaway soup, but can also be used to contain curries, stews, cold foods and ice creams. The plus point about these containers is that they are microwaveable and freeze proof. 

At Packaging Environmental these containers are available in a variety of sizes and for each container there is a lid to keep it warm and safe.

You can check the online store of Packaging Environmental for further details or log on to http://www.packagingenvironmental.co.uk/productrange/soup-containers-c-30_34/ to make your first order now.