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Selling NewSpa Slipper,Westin Spa & Penhaligon's toiletries,Denman Hair Brush etc

Gurgaon, , Haryana - India

2012-05-04 10:29:45

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Please take a look ath pictures below for more details. PS:The total cost for all these items would be around INR7000/- but am selling them for INR4500/- 1.Shower Curtain Rings for one shower curtain. 2.2 Slippers(Medium Size) 3.1 Denman Hair Brush http://www.denmanbrush.com/acatalog/Denman-D100-Tunnel-vent-brush.html 4.1 Toothbrush Glass Holder 5.1 Sleeping Mask http://www.amazon.co.uk/Design-Go- Nightshade/dp/B000V5FBGM 6.1 Cloths Bag (Green with Black designs) 7.2 Cane Baskets 8.1 Mable container with a lid 9.1 White Candle 10.2 Bridgewater Votive Candles (Rainforest & Artic cove) http://www.bridgewatercandles.com/catalog/allitemscatalog.aspx? productid=0&x=5&categoryid=5&departmentid=1 11.1 Claremont & May Home Fragrance Oil Orchid http://www.claremontandmay.com/ecom/index.php? action=ecom.pdetails&mode=orchid_home_fragrance_oil 12.1 Leather Toiletry Bag 13.1 Body Shop Pillow 14.1 Pink Basket 15.3 Westin White Tea Aloe Travel Set 1.25 oz Shampoo 1.25 oz conditioner 1.25 oz Body wash 1.25 oz Body Lotion 1 oz bar Soap http://www.westin-hotelsathome.com/category.aspx?&category1=Bath&category1Name=bath&category2=BathBody&category2Name=bath & body&category3=WhiteTea&category3Name=White Tea Aloe&categoryLevel=2 16.1 Penhaligon's London Travel Set 1.7 oz Bath & Shower Gel 1.7 oz Body Lotion 1.7 oz Condtioner 1.7 oz Shampoo http://www.amazon.com/Penhaligons-London-Bath-Shower-Piece/dp/B004G3AGJC/ref=pd_sim_sbs_bt_5 17.3 Spa Soap Bars

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