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2014-11-28 16:59:18

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to flushes around in your stomach and everything if not being others or whereas this water machine where does the Michael clusters itself it makes and small molecules that penetrate right to the cell C super hydrate  Absolute Garcinia  your cell and it all for the water goes through these titanium plates %uh and picks up an electrical charge makes the water too an anti-oxidant as well so lot a great benefits to it but first thing that you need in the morning is water you often really dehydrated so I’ve got a bottle here that I a lot I so this is a bottle water I have HP Drayton I on this one and a half actually these every morning and I just flushed my body I drink a lot of water today people that know me my life now that I got the bathroom a lot I you know I just think water so important you always need to hide yourself so I drink my water up some time to put lemon in the water as well like an organic laminas means in lemon is that will help but increase the pH underwater also and it also sometimes the putting greens powder as well in Queens drink and drink that is well showed