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Designing your Home Office

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2014-11-03 07:52:45

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Designing your Home OfficeHome Business There are so many people who are lucky enough to be able to work at home. Although this is convenient and cost effective, it can present some challenges to those who don鈥檛 have a designated office space in their homes. If you are spending a lot of time working at home, to be at your most productive you will need an area in your home that you can devote to working and storage of your office supplies and important files. Those without the luxury of having a separate room that can be devoted to a home office first need to spend some time considering areas of their home that they can turn into an office space. Take into account your personality and what type of worker you are.

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You know yourself better than anyone else. If you are able to put your laptop computer on the kitchen table and work effectively, ignoring the distractions of the home, than this could be a solution for you. But if you are easily distracted by the chores that need doing in the home and the family goings on, you will need to carve out some personal space somewhere in your home where you can work without interruption. This could be the corner of your basement, or an area in your bedroom, or even a nook in a hallway. Basically, all you need is enough space for a table or a desk and an electrical outlet for a light source and a way to charge your computer to create an office space.

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In any office space, sufficient storage is essential in order to keep your office supplies and papers organized. A desk with plenty of drawers and a filing cabinet are the best office accessories for those who need plenty of storage. If you are working in a paperless way, with only your computer files to worry about, you will obviously not need as much space. But if you need to use an inkjet printer or even a fax machine on a daily basis, you will need to find some way to store your office equipment. Fortunately, office equipment can now be wireless, making it possible to store your office equipment in some other part of your home if you are cramped for space. You could work in your bedroom, for instance, and store your printer and other electronics in the basement.

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Rolling carts with the ability to store hanging files and small items like staplers, pens and pencils are a great idea for those who have nowhere to put their office supplies.No matter how much office space you have the most important way to optimize your space is to keep it organized. Messy desks and offices create messy minds and unproductive days. An up to date, well thought out filing system and taking the time to de clutter and shred papers that are not needed are great ways to keep your office and your life as productive as possible.

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