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SAP Supply Chain Management COURSE CONTENT Traning at learning hub Magarpatta city /FC Road Pune

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SAP Supply Chain Management COURSE CONTENT
Traning at learning hub Magarpatta city /FC Road Pune (+91-93257-93756) www.learninghub.co.in



SAP Supply Chain Management COURSE CONTENT
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Unit 1: Concept and Objectives
• What do we mean by Supply Chain Management?
• Logistics through the ages.
• Different views on the supply chain.
• What is new within about Supply Chain.
• Defining the position of Supply Chain Management.
• Supply Chain Management: A vision.
• Elements of Supply Chain Management.
• Objectives and Opportunities.
• Objectives.
• Opportunities.
Unit 2: Systems and Architectures
• IT-Based Approaches.
• Principles of ERP.
• Supply Chain Planning Tools.
• Customer Relationship Management.
• System architectures.
• Internet Basics.
• Applications.
• SCM Tools offered by SAP.
• Sales Force Automation (SFA).
• Business Information Warehouse (BW).
• Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO).
• APO in Business Processes.
• Demand planning.
• Supply Network Planning and PP-DS.
• Supply Chain Cockpit.
Unit 3: Supply Chain Projects
• Industries and Supply Chain Management.
• Perspectives.
• Methodical Approaches.
• Procedures.
• Performance Measurement.
• Benchmarking.
• Specific Industries.
• Hi-Tech and Electronics.
• Automotive Industry.
• Consumer Goods and Commerce.
• Logistics Services.
• SCM - a Case History of Success.

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