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5 Best Places to Sell Secondhand Office Furniture

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2014-10-21 14:20:30

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We know. It seems weird to throw all that stuff away when there's nothing particularly wrong with it. But instead of tossing your old furniture, why not try to make a buck with it by selling it? You may not realize it, but there are tons of people out there looking for repurposed furniture for their own offices, for scraps, art projects, and tons of other strange uses. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure! Why not help them out if you can? Here are some great places you can go to sell your old furniture painlessly! Craigslist Nowadays, one of the first places people think of to sell office furniture is on this website. Craigslist has become amazingly popular in the past few years as the world's top classified advertisements site. Being active in over 50 countries, odds are somebody will want your office furniture. All you have to do is take a few photos of it, go to and pick a target area that you want to sell to, select "post to classifieds", and then"for sale by owner" or "for sale by dealer" depending on which one you are. Then write an honest description about what the furniture is, what you think it might be good for, and how to contact you.

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Finally, add your picture and hit "publish". In no time at all, your old home office furniture could be out of your life and you could have a down payment for your upgrades! Used Furniture Retailer Used furniture retailers are a great way to sell your old office furniture. It can be done either locally or online. Sites like TheUsedFurnitureStore.com and Cort.com both buy and sell gently used office furniture to people who'd rather not pay a huge sum for the new stuff. Cort.com even rents their gently used furniture to students and government services! If you'd rather not sell through a website, a quick Google search will tell you is there's any reliable used furniture retailers near you. Selling through a retailer is a much faster way of losing your unwanted furniture because they're often more willing to buy and negotiate on the spot, whereas you might have to wait for an individual buyer to see your ads. Whether you end up selling online or in person, choosing the retail route is usually a quick, simple way to make room for your new office furniture! Backpage.com Just like Craigslist, Backpage.com is also a popular classified advertisement site. In fact, it is the second largest one after Cragslist, so its not a bad place to get started if you want to sell that old office furniture.

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The postings are organized by country, and for the U.S., by state as well. After that, just select a target city that you want to advertise in and click "post an ad" next to the logo at the top left of the screen. Under the "buy/sell/trade" heading, choose "furniture" and simply post your ad. Consignment Store Consignment stores, second-hand shops, flea markets, and swap meets are other great ways to get rid of any old furniture fast. Consignment shops are great places to sell because they are often in person, meaning you can give potential buyers the opportunity to look over your office furniture and see whether or not they want to buy it. In order to sell with most consignment shops, products have to be reviewed by the consignee. Anything that's torn or dirty or deemed unsuitable for sale is given back to the consignor. Because of this, people have a tendency to trust consignment shops a bit more, making them more willing to buy your office chairs with vintage style secondhand. Who knows, with what you earn, you may even be able to shop around and find some affordable office chairs for home use to replace the ones you just sold at a price much lower than you'd find in retail! Garage Sale Don't want to head too far from home? Why not hold a garage sale? These are great ways to show off your home office furniture for sale without even having to leave your front yard.

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Just label everything with price stickers, post a few signs around your local area, and set up shop shop out front on a weekend day. It shouldn't be long before people from all over your area are perusing your collection looking for stuff to buy. Garage sales are wonderful ways to sell old stuff like office desks at discount prices because people always expect the items at garage sales to be fairly cheap. you can even sell other items that aren't used anymore such as books and home appliances. Get the kids involved and let them have a share of what they sell to teach them the value of money! With a little bit of effort, at the end of the day, you could have enough money from all your sales to completely re-do your home office with spectacular modern style!

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