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Performance advantages of new high efficiency Raymond mill

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2014-08-27 12:16:24

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Foundations of new efficient superfine pulverizer in the years of grinding equipment production experience, the use of fluid mechanics technology, new research and design of a new Raymond mill equipment, and powder mill can be comparable with the air flow. The real solution to the problem of highcost of ultrafine powder jet mill. It is a new type of fine grinding equipment, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

YGM superfine Raymond mill is based on many years of production experience in the production of Raymond mill, the fineness classification technology in Germany and Japan, advanced, overcome the superfine grinding classification difficulty, after processing the product fineness of 3500 to a new type of superfine Raymond mill. Compared with other similar Raymond grinding equipment, grinding of materials at high pressure roller under the action of the spring to increase 800-1200Kg, and small investment, high profit, the price onlyjet mill 1/8 in the condition of same output and fineness.

The device has several advantages below:

1, a high degree of sealing. High sealing technology with the equipment, in the production process of the assembly is not easily into the dust, therebyprolonging the service life of the bearings.

2, no oil leakage. Only three days a week a small amount of adding a lubricating oil, without the need for a class a station.

3, according to the degree of wear of bearing assembly, can adjust bearing clearance, to ensure the upper and lower bearing concentric, the bearing can be used continuously for more than ten months, and reduce the repairstrength, reduce production cost, improve production efficiency, can bring considerable economic benefits to the user.

4, compared with other Raymond mill grinding pressure roller to materialincreased 800 - 1200Kg in high pressure under the action of the spring.

5, small investment, high efficiency, yield and fineness in the same circumstances, the price only 1/4 airflow mill.

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