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This watches for men is developed by the Swiss company Breitling Chrono Cockpit watches and software giant Microsoft, its surface can receive and display a block of digital text, like a cell phone. It provides popular entertainment information, this information through the local unused FM radio channels transmission, so when you arrive at the new city, you watch entertainment information will automatically update. Transmission network in North America has, Microsoft and Breitling Emergency watches in Western Europe in the spring of this year the full launch of this service. American inventor, de Ken Deli invention, a Swiss watch official - patented electronic Breitling Bentley Motors watches. This watch can predict the master of the watch can be much longer. Table enter the owner's lifestyle, habits habit, health status, hereditary information. Consider up to a total of 50 kinds of factors to draw final conclusions will be taken to the countdown to leave the way of the number of days to display. Toyota introduced the key integrated watch Key Integrated Watch, which is a built-in electronic car key feature of the watch, and sold as the Toyota Crown goods in Japan's Toyota stores. Swiss watches official - the day listed on a wrist-heat measurements can be easily measured by the wearer of calories consumed, so the evening began dating women sweet "Candlelight" out commensurate with the menu for the day the heat consumed . Japan's Seiko watches and Seiko Epson has successfully developed the dial to display some e-paper Breitling SuperOcean Heritage watches. The e-paper bent like installed on your watch, bracelet electronic paper in addition to the display time, also shows that the ever-changing mosaic pattern. An electronic paper is on the Breitling Montbrillant watches has developed the Seiko Epson U.S. Elnk, common. Citizen Watch Company has two very important cause of the. Iwc one is located in the the Tokyo Miyakoda o City field o manufacture, this site has eight, mainly engaged in the the Citizen key product development, production and marketing, Business Division, Chinese customers are very familiar with the special stall the inside; another career turn Lian servant Chak Tokorozawa cause, which are equipped with the Technology Research Institute and Division of Seiki two departments. Citizen of the two career brings together the talents of the company, the core strength of the Citizen is to promote the two most important engine for Citizen ship constantly forward. Citizen Watch Company was founded in May 28, 1930, its company name to CITIZEN is the meaning of the public. Citizen is watch the main industry, a diversified group of large multinational companies. Japan's Citizen Breitling Chronomat watches Company is the parent company of the Citizen Group. Citizen in Japan more than 30 state-owned enterprises, more than 10,000 employees in Japan, overseas enterprises of more than forty of more than 20,000 overseas employees. Citizen group has annual sales of about $ 3.8 billion, Breitling Airwolf watches, Citizen also produces liquid light show plates, jewelry, glasses, calculators, electronic printers, miniature TV camera, computer drives, high-capacity floppy disks and other information products, medical devices, optical components, quartz oscillator throughout the year more than one billion, the number of the world's first. CNC precision machine tools, robots, automated production lines, product variety and a wide operating range. It is relying on scientific management, strict quality assurance system and perfect service, makes Citizen watch industry giant, enduring in the watch industry, continuous innovation and leading the watch industry into a new world.426