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It really means being present in the moment being aware of your body being aware of where you are emotionally really being in tune with yourself in being living in the moment so how do we do that 100-101 with all the distractions that are out there with all the things that contorted call us in so many different directions and send us so many different signals work constantly bombarded by stimulus how do we just quiet the mind and bring it all to same place well there's a simple system it's not mine originally I'm not sure who designed it but I've customized these simple system that I like to call halts and it stands for H and a Lt ass H is for hungry now sometimes we don't realize that we're as hungry awe are and we mistake other things for hunger or early mistake hunger for other things for the first tip isn't really sit with yourself and say am I really hungry and my just eating out have a anger sometimes were frustrated were angry week don't realize it but we reach for foods it's either hunger or a anger the L lonely you know today's world we r again yeah a lot of electronic communication a lot a black dove human connectedness L is from Lonely MI lonely is that really what's going on here and if I'm lonely.


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