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Jaw Crusher Plant cost or Mobile jaw crushing plant manufacturer in Philippines

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2014-06-16 13:00:18

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Jaw Crusher Plant cost or Mobile jaw crushing plant manufacturer in Philippines

Jaw crusher crushing chamber is composed of a movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate and Gigabyte both sides wall lining. Jaw Crusher Plant cost is low.The crushing chamber is in the shape of a feeding mouth size, bite angle, the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate and the side wall lining, lining board layout of longitudinal and transverse section shape and other factors.

Crushing cavity cavity direct impact crusher main technical and economic indexes, such as productivity, energy consumption ratio, particle size, particle shape and lining service life,

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therefore, by domestic and foreign scholars, and a lot of research work.

With the continuous development of crusher, especially in recent years, put forward "more crushing and less grinding" increase crushing ratio and improve the quality of the case, whether the design of a new type of crusher, Jaw Crusher Plant cost is low,or the existing old crusher, tapping the potential transformation, the optimal design of crushing cavity are very useful work.

According to the jaw crusher productivity along the crushing cavity height curve along the height of each section of the crushing chamber, productivity, from the feed port to the discharge port is smaller and smaller, and the discharge at a minimum productivity, this place is the choke point.

Straight line was calculated according to the movable jaw plate of each point on the surface of the horizontal stroke of the crushing cavity, and the linear assumption of moving jaw crushing cavity compared to the calculated equilibrium can be seen, the first crushing cavity in the feeding mouth much lower productivity, crushing chamber, about 1/3 at the level of productivity is much smaller and the discharging port productivity both the same. We are mobile jaw crushing plant manufacturer in Philippines.The reason is the crushing cavity material inlet horizontal stroke, far greater than the horizontal stroke discharge outlet, and the height in the crushing cavity is about 1/3, with a minimum of horizontal stroke. Therefore, in order to improve the discharging port productivity, improve the crusher productivity, can adopt the curved crushing cavity.

In order to get the best of crushing cavity shape, may change the bite angle design of crushing cavity, and the bite angle values from the discharge to the feeding port is gradually increasing, but must ensure the feeding mouth bite angle value is less than the limit value of bite angle.

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Jaw Crusher Plant cost or Mobile jaw crushing plant manufacturer in Philippines. We also have impact crusher,cone crusher,hammer crusher,sand making machine.In addition, in order to make the lining board can turn to use, can be composed of two symmetry.

In short, the broken cavity machine in the design of jaw, should strive to meet such requirements: to increase production, according to the liner wear law, try to extend the service life of the lining plate, reasonably determine the crushing cavity height, reduce weight.