Treatment beyond Medicine!! Past Life Regression Therapy

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2014-06-10 08:57:32

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Treatment beyond Medicine!! Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression Therapy / Soul Healing for Human Complex Problems by Dr. Manjunatha Shastry:




  1. No need for the person to tell the problems, they are revealed before the treatment!!
  2. If the person is not able to enter into TRANCE state of Mind, then the SOUL of the person is transferred to a third party
  3. The third party will reveal the problems of the person and then the Treatment is given directly by the GURUJI (Master).
  4. For persons who are far of place or outside India, then the Treatment is given Online with the help of the person’s photograph.
  5. Soul Healing has a solution for most of the problems that are not cured by the Medical Technology. 


Most of time people come across various problems, could be related to Health, Medical, physiological, personal, career, financial etc., but there seems to be no end to these problems.

The reason is that the causes of all these problems are hidden within the Soul!!

Until unless these problems are handled through Soul Healing, there may not be a permanent solution.

Welcome to the astonishing world of past life regression (future life progression).

Sub conscious mind is aware of our PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE LIVES. 

With the magic of soul healing and hypnotherapy, almost anything is possible! 

Soul Healing sessions are conducted personally be me in person or even ONLINE for people who are abroad. The number of sessions required for the elimination of the problem varies from case to case and depends on one’s Mind caliber. 




  1. Spirit releasing
  1. Past life regression (future life progression)
  2. Cure chronic diseases
  3. Resolve psychosomatic problems
  4. Resolve unsolved medical problems


For an appointment, please call us on mobile: 9740621003

Or E-Mail to: janmajanmanthara@gmail.com

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