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Diamond Mining Equipment

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2014-04-25 13:06:49

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Diamond Mining Equipment

Xuanshi Company since 2008 launch diamond mining equipment, grown up in the market in four years , serving Steel Group , CNPC , Brazil’s CVRD , Mongolia Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi and other companies, major construction projects and participation in the global customers in played a positive effect . Here , Xuanshi diamond mining equipmentWill take you to different areas of the world the customer site , to see how to resolve integration into the group operating material handling , space, environmental and other problems.Pebble crushing machine Which is better? To meet the challenges brought about by the largest diamond mine sinkholeRussia, Siberia, in one of the world’s coldest regions of the earth miners dug the world’s largest man-made cave , is the world ‘s largest diamond mine pit diamond peace . This huge cave diameter of about 1400 meters , a depth of 433 meters , Xuanshi diamond mining equipment once the service here.On this earth , ” the biggest diamond cave ” in the job is not an easy task , a truck from the top to the bottom of the pit will need four hours . Climate is another big test , Siberia annual average temperature is below 0 ℃, winter is as low as minus 50 ℃.It was in this geographical environment , the operating advantages of Xuanshi diamond mining equipment is becoming increasingly prominent : the overall design uses a steering axle traction , to keep down the deep space ; pit at the bottom of the original ore rough election ,Quartz sand production line equipment thus greatly reducing the ore the cost of transport to bring ; fearless low temperature environment to achieve continuous operation, providing simple, efficient , low-cost solution for diamond mining .