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2012-04-11 11:30:39

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The Book Review Literary Trust, set up in October 1989 to disseminate information about advances in knowledge and books, is a non-political, ideologically non-partisan organization, and seeks to reflect all shades of intellectual opinions and ideas. Book reviews describe and criticize a book. Reviews are usually written around the time a book is published and appear in scholarly journals and popular magazines. A Book Review is a critical summary of a book. It is an open forum where one analysis and forms an opinion of the writers work. This critical evaluation is not only a useful source of information for the reader, but for those who intend to read the book. The Book Review, India’s first provider of English Books Review, Journal of Book Reviews, Book Review Journals, Journal of Book Reviews & Book Review Journals in English, was started in 1976 by Chitra Narayanan, Uma Iyengar and Chandra Chari. We have outstanding collection of book reviews. The Book Review website built around book love and we want to know about the sites you visit when you’re looking for the best book reviews available. Our company has been in business since 1976, providing English Books Review, Journal of Book Reviews, Book Review Journals and promotion for authors of traditionally published, self published and ebooks. The Book Review works with authors from all over the globe. Our promotional package is one of the most reasonable on the web. Join us and promote your book. For more information please visit :- http://www.thebookreviewindia.org/journal.php Contact Us The Book Review Literary Trust 239, Vasant Enclave New Delhi - 110057 Telephone : +91 011 26141887, 41034635

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