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2014-01-22 18:27:07

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Hadoop Is Such A Big Deal In Big Data

For Hadoop, the biggest motivator in the market is simple: Before Hadoop, data storage was expensive.

Hadoop, however, lets you store as much data as you want in whatever form you need, simply by adding more servers to a Hadoop cluster.
 Each new server (which can be commodity x86 machines with relatively small price tags) adds more storage and more processing power to the overall cluster.
 This makes data storage with Hadoop far less costly than prior methods of data storage.

Hadoop: Hadoop is an open source framework for processing, storing and analyzing massive amounts of distributed unstructured data. Originally created by Doug Cutting at Yahoo!, Hadoop was inspired by MapReduce, a user-defined function developed by Google in early 2000s for indexing the Web. It was designed to handle petabytes and exabytes of data distributed over multiple nodes in parallel.
The advent of the Web, mobile devices and other technologies has caused a fundamental change to the nature of data. Big Data has important, distinct qualities that differentiate it from �traditional� corporate data. No longer centralized, highly structured and easily manageable, now more than ever data is highly distributed, loosely structured (if structured at all), and increasingly large in volume.

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