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Aloe Vera Juice

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2013-11-26 17:33:56

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Aloe Vera” or the Lilly of desert have more than 500 species around the world. Aloe Vera Gel contains over 200 different constituents. Solomon Aloe Vera is prepared using Aloe Vera gel or leaf extract. “Solomon Aloe Vera Gel” can be supplemented to your daily diet as a rich source of many vital constituents required by your body. Researchers believe its vast health benefits and thus studies are carried out on a large scale to explore the benefits of “Aloe Vera”.  Egyptians where using this herb around 1500 B.C. for the treatments of Burn, infections and Parasites:

Cleopatra during her reign used “Aloe Vera Gel” to keep her skin soft and young. 

Aloe was also used by the Ancient Greeks, The Arabs and The Spaniards and is presently used by the hunters in Africa to reduce perspiration and body Adour.

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