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Operation and Installation Rules of Jaw Crusher

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2013-07-03 15:12:33

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The manipulation regulations of jaw crusher:

1 Abide by Henan Hongxing casting equipment manipulation regulations.

2 Check the tightness of V-belts and wear condition. If the belts are too loose, they should be tightened timely. If there is serious abrasion, the V-belts should be changed.

3 Check the wear condition of protecting boards on the two sides. The boards should be changed if seriously damaged.

4 Adjust the opening size of the jaw plate according to the demands of process.

5 If there is no protective cover or if the cover is not good, the test run can't be carried out for fear of accidents.

6 Confirm whether the equipment is flexible enough by pulling the belts or revolving the fly wheel manually before idling test.

7 The material can only be added after the jaw crusher starts normal operation. The material should be fed in evenly.

8 Notice the material discharging condition all the time. If there is jamming, the cavity should be dredged promptly.

9 The machine cannot be stopped before all the material in the cavity is crushed and cleared out.

Jaw crusher installation and test run:

1 The jaw crusher should be sheltered from rain and avoid being placed in open air.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example,screw separator,rotary calciner kiln Welcome all of you to visit our official website.

2 The motor should be installed behind the jaw crusher and avoid inversion.

3 The machine should be fixed on the concrete foundation with ore discharge port with an angle of not less than 500.

4 Before operator adjusts the discharge port, the spring should be released and stretched. Proper tension of the spring can eliminate the noise. The spring must be adjusted so that it does not easily fall off.

5 The configuration of jaw crusher and other crushing equipment should be beneficial to production and ensure the smooth operation in the whole process

6 For the convenient transportation of finished product, it is better to adopt the mechanical transportation equipment

7 Before test run, the bolts and connecting components should be tightened, and the lubrication situation should be checked.

8 Move the V-belts by man power. If there is surely no hindering of movement, the test can be conducted. In two hours, impacting, noise and oil leakage phenomenon should not happen. The temperature of the bearing cannot top 350. If faults are found out, timely check must be carried out.

9 The test run can last as long as ten hours with sub-hardness material.

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