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LG 32GN550B 32 inch Ultragear VA Gaming Monitor

Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India

2022-07-08 10:59:51

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Description: Gaming Innovation Beyond Boundaries The pinnacle of gaming monitors. Complete your battle station with a premium LG UltraGearâ„¢ Gaming Monitor. Built for gamers, it delivers the latest hardware, specs, ergonomics, sleek design and sensory experience. 165Hz Refresh Rate Fluid Gaming Motion A ultra-fast speed of 165Hz allows gamers to see the next frame quickly and makes image to appear smoothly. The gamers can respond rapidly to opponents and aim at target easily. 1ms MBR Total Immersion with Overwhelming Speed Responsiveness on a dime. With 1ms response time, gamers see fast action, obstacles and opponents in near real time for a clear advantage. HDR10 with sRGB 95% (Typ.) Feel Actual Combat with True Colors This monitor supports HDR10 with sRGB 95% (Typ.) enabling realistic visual immersion with rich colors and contrast. Regardless of the battlefield, it can help gamers to see all the dramatic colors the game developers intended. Stylish Design Be Sleek. Order in bulk. What are you waiting for.... Click on the link below.. https://www.ictcircle.com/categories/monitors-2/monitor/monitors/product/158802/lg-32gn550-b-32-inch-ultragear-va-gaming-monitor-with-165hz-refresh-rate-fhd-1920-x-1080-with-hdr10-1ms-response-time-with-mbr-a?isMyCompany=undefined

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