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The universal joint

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2022-06-01 16:55:00

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Description: A universal joint (also known as a universal coupling or U-joint) is a junction or coupling that connects stiff shafts with slanted axes. It is extensively used in rotary motion transmission shafts. It is made up of a pair of hinges that are close together and positioned at 90° to each other, and are joined by a cross shaft. The universal joint is not a joint with a constant velocity. Hooke joint, also known as Hooke's joint, is named after Robert Hooke, a 17th-century polymath who contributed to the understanding of several smart mechanics. For further details contact us: Address: A-54, Sector-83 201305 (UP) Noida, India Phone: +91 120 4726666 Email: info@elesa-ganter.in Website: https://www.elesa-ganter.in/