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Its Time To Be Your Own Anxiety Coach

Gurgaon, Haryana - India

2022-03-31 14:47:34

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Christine Monk

Website URL: https://xmonks.com/its-time-to-be-your-own-anxiety-coach/

Description: There’s a lot that keeps us up at night and day: whether our dreams will come true, whether the people we care about will be okay, whether we will be liked, whether we’ll be able to avoid embarrassment and misery. We bury our fears or try to avoid looking them in the eyes. We feel ashamed of how worried we are, which makes us feel alone and makes us worry even more. We feel sad and then we question ourselves, “Do I have anxiety?” How about we help you solve this question, “Do I have anxiety?” How about if I tell you, “I have anxiety too”. Yeah! You heard it right. “I have anxiety too”. Anxiety is quite normal, and like so much else that bothers our thoughts, it can be understood and managed. But sometimes it can be scary too. The good news is that you have a quiz to help you out. Take this quiz and check on the boxes that you feel are true about you. I am frequently nervous and apprehensive. Certain items, animals, and situations terrify me. I have trouble finding energy and motivation. I have a hard time sleeping. I don’t have anything to look forward to. I find it difficult to relax. I tremble and sweat in difficult situations. Things that I used to appreciate no longer spark my curiosity. I dread the next anxiety episode. I find it difficult to focus and make judgments. I try to avoid doing things that I know I should do because they make me nervous. It is difficult for me to keep my worries in check. I am really nervous in some social situations, and I try to avoid them if I can. I don’t have high hopes for anything. Memories of prior trauma keep surfacing in my thoughts. I’m frightened of failure, so I avoid taking risks. I’m always on the safe side when it comes to decisions. I have a strong desire to repeat actions (such as hand washing, checking locks, arranging things in a certain way, and so on). How many did you check off? Is it 5? Is it 8? But if you checked more than 10 items, you have anxiety and you should consider taking action to solve your problem. You must first determine how anxiety or depression impacts your thinking, behaviour, emotions, mental wellbeing, and body sensations. Once you figure out how your troubles start, you will know what you can do about it. Accept that you are not too responsible for your situation. If you’re stuck or can’t seem to move forward, we will provide you with ways for conquering your anxiety challenges. This blog is a guide to anxiety: What is anxiety, what is the anxiety cycle, why we feel it, the causes of anxiety, the symptoms of anxiety, how we experience it when it comes, and what we can do if we find ourselves in the midst of it.

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