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Chennai, Tamil Nadu - India

2022-03-16 11:01:02

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Phone Number: 9952992618

Website URL: https://www.firmhospitals.com/fertility-hospitals-in-chennai

Description: Welcome to Firm Hospitals, South India’s Leading Specialists in Reproductive Medicine and one of the Best Fertility Hospitals in Chennai, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the strong experience of renowned doctors and fertility specialists who will assist you to reach your full fertility potential with the best advice, suitable medications and treatments. Firm Hospitals deals with both male and female infertility problems, which seems to be a matter of grave concern for couples trying to conceive in the digital era. What makes Firm one of the Best Fertility Hospitals in Chennai is the fact that here patients receive personalized care, and walk right in and feel at home, consult at ease, and receive individualistic treatments that suit their specific lifestyle needs at affordable costs. Firm Foundation adopts a series of complex procedures to solve fertility issues and prevent genetic problems, to assist with the conception of a child. Firm Hospitals, rated as the best fertility centre in Chennai, has created a private, comforting & compassionate treatment facility where patients receive individualized care from the best fertility doctors in Chennai and can feel at ease. “A Place where dreams of Parenthood become a reality!” Building healthy families Innovative treatment Extraordinary care The inability to conceive is a difficult time for any couple. However, standing apart from other fertility hospitals in Chennai, at Firm Fertility Center we have come up with spectacular IVF & ICSI techniques, which could fulfill your heartfelt desire to have a baby of your own. Rated as one of the best fertility hospital in Chennai, we understand the pain infertility can cause and we ensure that every treatment and our support are personalized to your needs. Dr. Mala raj one of the best fertility doctors in Chennai offers personal care for everyone. Patients come to us with hope for their infertility treatments and get the best treatment that works for them with proven success rates. The main resource in Firm’s Fertility Centre is our chief doctor Dr. Mala Raj. Being an advanced laparoscopic surgeon and fertility specialist, she is able to resolve all your minor problems by laparoscopy itself, so that you can get pregnant naturally. If any advanced fertility treatments are needed, then we are equipped with the latest fertility options likely improving your chances of conceiving. At the first visit to the doctor, we expect both the husband and wife to be available, as we need to evaluate the cause of infertility by evaluating both the partners. The various treatment options available are Controlled Ovarian Stimulation Here the woman is given ovulation induction tablets from Day 2 of the menstrual cycle and Gonadotropin injections are given if necessary and follicular tracking (study the growth of eggs) is done on alternate days from day 9/10 of the menstrual cycle till ovulation. Once the leading follicle is 18 – 20 mm, Injection HCG is given to trigger the follicles to rupture and release the eggs and the couples are advised to have timed coitus. Normally, most couples are able to conceive within 3-6 months of this simple treatment. If they do not conceive, then we advise them to go for IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination). Meanwhile, if we find out the tubes are blocked, then none of these treatments will work and they have to go for IVF/ICSI.

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