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Osteomyelitis Dr Gaurav Jain

20 B Sainath Colony, Near Tilak Nagar Jain Temple
Indore, Madhya Pradesh - India

2021-12-30 11:29:45

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Dr Gaurav Jain
20 B Sainath Colony, Near Tilak Nagar Jain Temple

Phone Number: 9111464959

Website URL: https://www.drgauravjain.com/orthopaedic-conditions/paediatric-orthopaedic-condition/osteomyelitis

Description: Osteomyelitis in the pediatric population is most often the result of hematogenous seeding of bacteria to the metaphyseal region of bone. Diagnosis is generally made with MRI studies to evaluate for bone marrow edema or subperiosteal abscess. Treatment is nonoperative with antibiotics in the absence of an abscess. Surgical debridement is indicated in the presence of an abscess.

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