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Hydroman Hydraulic Submersible Gravel Pump

Acharipallam, Tamil Nadu - India

2021-12-29 09:36:17

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Zhang Donna

Phone Number: 8618031340097

Website URL: https://www.hydroman.cn/hydraulic-dredge-pumps/tqsy-hydraulic-dredge-pump.html

Description: Email: Sales2@tobeepump.com Web: www.hydroman.cn | www.tobeepump.com | www.slurrypumpsupply.com Hydroman™ Hydraulic Submersible Gravel Pump is a hydraulic machine with agitation function, The THY hydraulic pump has excellent material selection, advanced structure and strong passing ability. It is suitable for the medium with variable size of solid in sediment, cinder, tailings, ore etc., mainly used in metallurgy, mining, thermal power plants, steel, water treatment, sand mining, mining, ports, rivers, lakes, ponds and dredging; suction and transport for the sediment medium such as port construction and river beach filling, Hydroman hydraulic slurry pump is a great replacement of the traditional slurry pump. The complete equipment can be flexibly matched with other equipment, Like Hydraulic Oil Unit, Excavator, Loading machine and etc.. Breaking power restrictions, flexible transitions, especially in remote areas. Design Feature: ▪ Pump wear parts made from high chrome making it high abrasion resistance ▪ Pumps have an agitator to aid effective solid pump ▪ Low rotation speed ▪ Pump capacity range from 10 m3/h to 1500 m3/h ▪ Pump power range from 14 HP to 400 HP ▪ Delivery distance up to 1.5 km ▪ Solid handling capacity more than 70% by weight of material density Hydroman™ Hydraulic Submersible Gravel Pumps Applications: ▪ Bentonite pumping. ▪ Civil emergencies. ▪ Dam dredging. ▪ Dewatering. ▪ Offshore platforms. ▪ Pumping aggregate in suspension. ▪ Sand and gravel extraction. ▪ Sewage treatment plant. ▪ Slurry pumping. ▪ Steel mill.

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