Aircraft Maintenance Engineering AME CET Exam 2022 India

Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India

2021-12-01 14:52:31

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Phone Number: 8238359622

Website URL: https://www.aeronauticalcet.in/course/Aircraft-Maintenance-Engineering

Description: B. Tech Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is an advanced professional Degree program designed and Developed to industry requirement as per the guideline of the Regulatory body of civil aviation Authority. This course provides an opportunity for students to learn the program through theoretical & practical learning and also in the maintenance Organization. Students also can appear for license examinations as an individual candidate. Upon clearing all the modules as required by the Regulatory Body he will become eligible to be a Qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The prime responsibilities of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers include carrying out repairs, troubleshooting problems, conducting inspections to keep aircrafts in flying condition. No aircraft can take-off until it's signed by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Prior to the take-off of the aircraft, the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers inspect the aircraft and sign the Certificate ensuring safety.

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