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Upper CCD scanner for HP DeskJet GT 5810 5811 5820 5821 and 5822 AllinOne printers

Beawar, Rajasthan - India

2021-10-16 11:44:24

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Description: Upper CCD Scanner Assembly / Scanner Head Unit With Bracket Assembly (Motor Gear Assy) + (CCD Scanner Cable) For HP DeskJet GT-5810, GT-5820, GT-5811, GT-5820, GT-5821, and GT-5822 Printer Encoder Strip Available of all Types of Printer Parts/Cable Flex Card. If you are looking for a scanner that will allow you to scan documents quickly and effortlessly, then the Upper CCD Scanner for HP DeskJet GT 5810, 5811, 5820, 5821, and 5822 All-in-One is your best option. This scanner is perfect for all of your document scanning needs. It has an easy to use design with quick installation process. Choose this scanner today!

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