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Best 4d Ultrasound Test Centre in South Kanpur-HI Care Diagnostics

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - India

2021-09-02 14:10:12

Contact Info:
Surabhi Bajpai

Phone Number: 7800786002

Website URL: https://hicarediagnostics.com/

Description: HI Care Diagnostics provides 4D Ultrasound, B/W, Colour, Screening (EQUIPPED WITH LATEST, 4D USG & COLOUR DOPPLER,(TIFA SCAN) 3D/4D USG PREGNANCY FOR FOETAL Congenital Anomalies).Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound that you cannot hear but it can be emitted and detected by special machines. It travels freely through fluid and soft tissues and is a safe and painless scan. Our procedures conform to world-class standards and PNDT guidelines.

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