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Online Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test | Healthians

Gurgaon, Haryana - India

2021-08-24 17:06:25

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Pradeep Sharma

Phone Number: 9998880005

Website URL: https://www.healthians.com/profile/gurgaon/complete-hemogram?utm_source=offpage

Description: CBC is an abbreviation for Complete Blood Count. A CBC Test is taken to measure the overall health condition of your blood. A CBC Test will also show if one’s ‘blood health’ is suffering from diseases or infections such as Anemia or Leukemia. Counts of different components of blood show our complete wellness. A Complete blood count test detects infections, anaemia, swelling and cancer. The test helps the healthcare provider to evaluate all the aspects of blood for better treatment & diagnosis. • Irregularities in the blood • Calculation of overall health • Rule out any disorder or disease • Treatment of various diseases • Monitoring the treatment Book Complete Hemogram Test just @349 in Gurgaon. Book online Blood Test, Health Test with Free Sample Collection at Home.

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