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Medical Equipment Repair Business

Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

2021-06-01 18:05:13

Contact Info:
Prakash Bhosale

Phone Number: 9137256150

Description: Medical Equipment Repair Business In today's rapidly changing world, many revolutionary changes are taking place in the field of industry. Technology has updated many traditional industries, while many industries have been introduced to Indian entrepreneurs in line with Western technology. Today I am going to give information about one such industry opportunity. Currently, it is really in huge demand right now and will benefit from the medical equipment repairing business. (BBGV162021) Currently, various instruments are used in the medical field. E.g. CT scan machines, MRI units, ventilators, and other related instruments and equipment are all imported from western countries. Which cost millions of rupees. There are many suppliers of such equipment in our country. But there is a dearth of skilled experts, workers, and agencies to fix the breakdown in the machinery and equipment. Now all the dispensaries, district hospitals, and other major hospitals in all areas, even the rural doctors have started using modern equipment and devices. But if something goes wrong with the machines, skilled technicians have to be called in from metro cities or other states. They also charge a hefty fee for each visit. In such a scenario, starting your own medical equipment repair service agency is a great and highly sought-after business opportunity. Repairing medical equipment imported from Western countries is a difficult task. Contact Us : Address: Unit No. 450, Mastermind-1 Premises, Royal Palms, Goregaon (E.), Mumbai – 400065 Mobile No: +91 9137256150

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