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Is proton therapy better than radiation?

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - India

2021-05-10 16:33:37

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Description: Proton therapy destroys cancer cells and minimizes damage to healthy cells by delivering a powerful punch of radiation right to the tumour site. Because proton beam radiation can be more precisely controlled, doctors can prescribe higher doses of radiation with less impact on the health of the surrounding tissue. In contrast to the X-rays commonly used in conventional radiation, protons enter the body at a low energy level and release most of their energy upon impact with the tumour, so there is no "exit" dose of radiation to healthy tissue. This results in a low incidence of side effects and, especially in children, fewer long-term effects. KNOW MORE AND GET IN TOUCH WITH INDIA's TOP LEADING DOCTORS HERE https://proton.apollohospitals.com/proton-therapy/

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