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How to Avoid Inventory Planning Pitfalls

Bangalore, Karnataka - India

2021-04-07 11:25:22

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Shashi Saurav

Website URL: https://www.salesbabu.com/blog/how-to-avoid-inventory-planning-pitfalls/

Description: Inventory planning refers to the process that an organization follows to understand the optimal quantity as well as timing, to formulate efficient plans with the organization’s sales cycle and make more revenue for the business. Inventory planning is an important aspect of any business’s success as it may affect the company in various ways. For Example :- it directly determines the cash inflow of any organization at the time of new assignment based on proper profit margin planning done for the previous deliveries. Evidently, improper inventory planning can create a big hole in the company’s pocket if not executed properly. Inventory planning and control is a necessity for every business in today’s world as it helps to forecast and ascertain how much a business should produce and supply to customers, in order to meet the market demand. Inventory planning has some of the following advantages which makes it a requirement for your business model. -Better Cash Flow -Increase profitability -Low production cost -Prevents Stealing

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