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Zipaworld is an air freight forwarder as well as ocean freight forwarder

Noida, Uttar Pradesh - India

2021-03-23 15:36:16

Contact Info:
gaurav negi

Phone Number: 01206916910

Website URL: https://zipaworld.com

Description: Freight forwarding is a complicated task and still involves a lot of manual processes and paperwork. There can be different for different kinds of freight, like freight forwarders specific for air, ocean, road, rail, or any other means of transport. Air freight forwarder usually handles the air freight query management, pricing negotiations, operations, and documentation of air cargo shipments. Air freight forwarder needs to be very prompt and competitive to stand out in the immense competition in the air freight forwarding market. Air freight forwarder usually deals with air cargo majorly, and possesses the airlines’ AWB stock. Zipaworld is an air freight forwarder as well as ocean freight forwarder that has digitized and automated the complete process and made it as easy as it can be. Visit us: https://zipaworld.com Contact us: +91 120 6916910 Email us: info@zipaworld.com Address: Zipaworld, B-29, III Floor, Sector-1, Noida – 201 301, UP, India Like and Follow us on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube