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What Does Demodex Eat?

New Delhi, Delhi - India

2020-12-21 10:38:57

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Description: Have you ever wondered why Demodex Mites choose the parts of the skin that are more oily? The answer is obvious! Demodex is greedy for our skin oils! . _Demodex loves fat more than anything and therefore fits in oily areas of the skin - such as the forehead, nasal crease, around the eyes and chin. This mite lives and reproduces quickly in these areas and if it gets out of control, it can provoke skin and hair problems. . _If you are one of the Ungex clients, surely our consultants have advised you to avoid using greasy creams and cosmetics during the treatment program - and maybe forever. As more food means more population, the use of oily creams fills the mites' bellies with fat. It aggravates skin and hair problems as their population increases. . https://www.ungexau.com/en/what-do-demodex-mites-eat/ . #ungex #demodexmite #demodextest #Unique_Protocol #Demodex #Facemites #body #health_skin

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