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MRI Projector Ambient Solutions For Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

2020-08-11 15:56:34

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Description: It is hard to find a medical device that is more important than the MRI Projector. This powerful machine is used to scan patients in various locations around the world and has the ability to provide amazing imaging of the body's internal structure. The Ambience is designed to reduce patient stress, improve patient care and workflow. Kryptonite Solutions' MRI ambient experience system and MRI projector are visually designed system that creates unique ambient themes in conjunction with a customized system of patient relaxation & light for a patient friendly staff working environment. The ambiance is designed to offer a relaxing, comforting and soothing environment for patients while they undergo MRI imaging or other procedures. The ambiance features high quality sound systems and state of the art technology. The Kryptonite MRI Projector and its software are available to hospitals, imaging centers and physicians. The MRI Ambiance provides a comprehensive set of tools that enhance MRI experiences including an LCD patient monitor, remote control operation, and an adjustable sound system for an optimal patient experience. The ambiance also offers many advanced features such as patient reminders, music, video and other multimedia features that have been developed in collaboration with professional health care providers. These features are designed to improve the experience of medical professionals who use MRI imaging. The ambience can be adjusted for any MRI environment including diagnostic, research or imaging stations. This new technological advancement is helping medical facilities to provide patients with the best possible experience during their MRI visits. The Kryptonite Ambient Solutions for MRI Projectors will help create a patient-friendly environment by creating specific ambient themes which create the perfect atmosphere for patients, their families and medical staff. The ambience will provide customized lighting, ambiance themes and sound levels to ensure a patient's comfort. Patient-specific features include: Patient-specific themes will create a therapeutic environment with a selection of relaxing music, soft soothing sounds, soft ambient noises, and special sounds that target specific patient areas such as neck, back, or ear. These features will provide patients with a complete personalized experience, helping them relax and ease their worries during their MRI visits. The interactive design process is the result of an extensive collaboration between the medical community and the industry's top designers. This process began with an effort to develop a unique ambient experience that was designed to make MRI work more enjoyable for patients and medical staff. The team of designers utilized a variety of industry tools and techniques to achieve this goal. A large number of patient and medical staff representatives from throughout the United States were involved in the design process, helping to provide feedback to the designers. The designers then used these input and feedback to enhance the design for a complete, personalized experience. A key component of this process was to take into consideration the medical staff's needs and interests. All of the features and controls included within the environment were developed with the needs and desires of the medical staff in mind. Some of the features include: The Kryptonite Ambient Solutions for MRI Projectors will help improve your overall MRI experience. By using this system, you will experience improved performance and safety while enhancing your privacy and increasing your productivity. Kryptonite MRI Projector provides an innovative solution that meets the demanding requirements of health care professionals and helps ensure that each patient has the best possible MRI experience possible. The Kryptonite Ambient Solutions for MRI Projectors is not only designed to enhance MRI experiences, but also to improve the overall productivity of your facility. Kryptonite is an industry leader in providing a wide variety of systems that are both technologically advanced and technologically sophisticated, so that medical centers can focus on providing the best care possible to their patients. The company designs and manufactures many different equipment and software solutions, including the highly popular Kryptonite Projector Ambient Solutions and the newly developed Kryptonite System Manager. Kryptonite works hard to improve the quality of health care facilities around the country. We believe that by offering our clients superior products that are user-friendly and that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each patient, we can help ensure the success of any medical facility. By choosing the Kryptonite Ambient Solutions for MRI Projector, you will experience the most efficient use of space and time while increasing your productivity and improving the overall quality of care for your patients. Our team of experts is here to make sure that your experience is one of the most enjoyable and productive. Kryptonite Solutions 32, Behind Suvarna Hospital, Shimpoli Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai - 92. Telephone: +91. 22. 2899 5246 / 2899 3419 Email: info@kryptonite.global