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Coaster Printer In Delhi | Shivani Enterprises

South Delhi, Delhi - India

2020-03-28 20:06:57

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Suresh Kumar

Phone Number: 09211253015

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Description: Coaster Printing Coaster printing, craft paper coaster, MDF coaster, foam coasters, metal coasters or any personalized. Coaster printing is a pleasing marketing and brand promotional items. Just imagine while you are sitting around the table for a group discussion and having a cup of hot tea required COASTER printed to put a cup of tea on the table keeping neat and clean the table, how good you would feel it when you see the product you provide services or manufacture, seen your impressive brand by all sitting ten prospective face to face in front of you and safety of expensive furniture and decoration or any other surface from messy drips, spills or condensation. Coaster-Material made of Wooden Coater Wooden Coaster Coaster Printing Size and Shape There is the various quality of coaster some of them are made of Paper Coaster, MDF Coaster, Foam Coaster, Stainless Steel, Sun board, Paper Coaster as a “use and through”. The custom coaster is made of 100 % recyclable craft up to 300-400 gsm papers heavyweight, wet absorbing capacity and items are used only for branding. These craft coasters are very economical and eye-catchy easily can be matched to your brand color. In another, you can say coasters are a low-cost huge exposure to promotional items along with keeping your tables dry and your atmosphere fresh. by gifting it. Paper Coaster Paper Coaster Materials Used For Making Coaster printing Coaster Printing Metal Engraved Coaster The coaster is made for different purpose as well as occasion of one-time use as well as in event are used –recycled paper coaster. Permanent use coaster is usually made in metal, leather, ACP, MDF, Sunboard and wooden coaster multi-time washable. MDF Coaster, sun board coaster less long-lasting than the metal coaster. Coaster On Sunboard Coaster to get in eco-nomical way is can be made on sun board it would cost 15-20 rupees, price depending on quantity and quality of advertising on sun board UV printing and laser cut/CNC router cutting etc.

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