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2020-03-23 13:10:26

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Description: They say that your eyes are the doorways to your soul. If this is true, you can decorate those doors with beautiful eye makeup so that more people look in. Knowing how to apply make up to your eye is a game-changer because it can allow you to experiment with a whole range of looks. Cosmetics for the eyes generally include eyeliner, eye shadow, eye kajal and mascara. But if you wish to go all the way, then false eyelashes and an eyebrow kit will also make this list. Each of the above has a history that dates back to ancient times when raw pigments, dye and metals were mixed for the accentuation of the eyes. Throughout the history of fashion, there have been certain eye looks which have been preferred over others which is all the better because you can recreate an era simply by following different eye makeup steps. Read on to discover the various looks you can try with makeup for the eyes.

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